Are you Organic?

Are you Kosher?

Are you Whole30/Paleo compliant?

Three of our six bars are Paleo - Dark Chocolate Almond, Coconut and Mango. Since peanuts are legumes, PB+J, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Peanut Butter are not compliant.

Where does the Jones from Jonesbar come from?

Our founder's last name is Jones. Very creative, we know. 

Where is your top secret facility?

Our bars are made in small batches in sunny Manasquan, NJ.  We unfortunately do not sell out of this facility but you can order right here from our website or find us in any of these awesome shops!

How are your bars made?

Jonesbars are about as close as you can get to eating whole foods in their most natural state. We use organic dried fruits, nuts and seeds and blend them all together with a one of a kind process. Our bars are not baked or cooked.

Is there any added sugar in your bars?

Never. The sweetness comes from the organic fruits that are in each bar. What you see on the front of our packaging are the only ingredients in a jonesbar.

Real foods may contain pit or nutshell pieces?

Yes. Since we only use 100% organic fruits, nuts and seeds, you will find the occasional pit or nutshell piece. Our organic dates come in from California already pitted, but ever so often one still has a pit. For this reason, we are constantly checking our dates before mixing into our bars, but some still sneak by.

Do your bars freeze?

Our bars will get cold but will not completely freeze. Happy chewing on the mountain. Remember, sharing is caring. 

Exchanges and Returns 

If you happen to receive a product that is damaged or you are not satisfied, please contact our Customer Service department by emailing us at